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What is a Digital Chef? Someone who sees the order in the chaos. Someone who can tackle any design challenge head on no matter how complicated the subject matter. I am a Digital Chef. Over the last 3 years, I have been creating games that educate, engage and develop the player's skills in some of the most complicated professions in the healthcare industry. I have a hunger for problem solving and view each new challenge as an opportunity. As a motivated individual I've had my hands in a lot of diverse projects; one of my greatest strengths. Currently, I co-lead a small team of game professionals developing Serious Games for online healthcare education; helping physician, nurses, and surgeons improve their craft by sharing mine. My journey is just beginning and I'm looking for a team who wants to give the industry something fresh, fun, and engaging. Has your team been looking for me?

My Skills

  • Unity3D 95%
  • Unreal 85%
  • UI Design 65%
  • Autodesk Maya 75%
  • Game Design 95%
  • Level Design 85%
  • C# Programming 60%
  • Flash AS3 Programming 90%

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Theme Launch

Trauma : Life Line

in Dev

A virtual simulation that puts the player in the role of team leader during a variety of life or death trauma injuries. Players need to follow Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) guidelines to discover the injury, stablize the patient, and provide proper medical care before its too late!

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Theme Launch

Battle Camel: The Search for Antarrah

in Dev

Help Christina Camelot rescue her kidnapped hero. Fast paced bob and weave action with plenty of laughs for good measure. A Kill Screen Daily OUYA game jam entry.

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My Work



Design and Development Workflow

  • Strategy


    Sometimes game ideas are assigned and other times they hit you like a bolt of lightning (usually in the shower). Whether my audience is a particular client or the general public, establishing your goals, the game's goals, and your client's goals (usually not the same thing) is the highest priority. What are the pillars of this game? High replayability. Easy to learn mechanics. Encourage social play?

  • Planning


    From the pillars I move to paper and pencil. I usually start with a one page game design and begin sketching out level layouts, game mechanics, and early asset lists to get an idea of the scope of the project. Early prototyping in Flash or Unity allow me to get my idea moving and share with clients or team members exactly what I'm thinking.

  • Develop


    Change is inevitable. Rapid prototyping and constant iteration allow my designs to evolve to meet the demands of the project. Utilizing tools like Unity allow for quick builds that can be reviewed by clients online during a conference call or weekly in build reviews at the office.

  • Deliver


    Testing...testing...is this thing on? Proper game testing can make or break your project. In addition to iterative play testing, its important to ensure that your software isn't going to break down when all the buttons are pressed. Once formal and informal testing is complete, its finally ready to marvel at the countless days (and nights) of hard work.


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My preferred method of contact is via email. Send me a message for any potential opportunites or inquiries.

Personal Contact Details

  • Email - craig.stevenson1@gmail.com
  • Resides - Washington, DC
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