Craig Stevenson

Game Designer

Intellipet Adventures

Intellipet Adventures  is a turn-based battle educational zone inside Adventure Academy.  Players begin by selecting a starter pet and engaging in knowledge battles to "train" the inhabitants of a new world called the Astralands. Vextra, the game's antagonist, threatens to steal the world's magical power by capturing stars from a magical tree. It's up to the player to prevent that from happening by going on quests, training the Intellipets, and recovering the magical stars.

Intellipet Adventures has been the largest experience released with Adventure Academy. Unlike the other multiplayer games that I helped develop, IA is much more like an expansion. It features an entirely new gameplay loop that brings education closer into the minute-to-minute action. Players learn by answering trivia questions during pet battles. The convenient boost button puts educational videos that support the question at their finger tips. Borrowing from successful pet collection games, like Pokemon, players are engaged to learn with the goal of collecting all of the Intellipets this first zone has to offer. Additionally, Intellipet Adventures is the first experience that utilizes full 3D physics based movement. Unlike other zones in the game, players can freely move, jump and climb their way to new heights. During an A/B test of Intellipet Adventures launch, we saw a 9% D1 retention rate increase!                      

My contributions to the project include early pitches on gameplay mechanics, final level design, quest design and NPC dialogue, content design on pets, collectibles and creature spawning. Intellipet Adventures first zone includes 50 quests and 3 side quest branches, designed and implemented using Unity's Visual Scripting.