Craig Stevenson

Game Designer

Team Leader VR

You're about to finish the last hour of your shift when suddenly a Code Blue is called over the hospital intercom. Rushing to the patient's room, you walk into chaos. Clinicians are trying their best, but Code Blue's don't happen very often and the nurse on duty just started this week. It's up to you to take charge of the situation and delegate responsibilities. Only then, can determine what's caused the patients condition and attempt to save their life. The clock is ticking. What do you do next?

Team Leader VR  was developed by my team at MedStar SiTEL in partnership with Healthstream, one of the largest providers of online healthcare education available. The goal was to create believable scenarios in an emergency event like a Code Blue to allow participants to practice how to manage a team of professionals when time is against you. TLVR contains a tutorial scenario that eases new to VR participants into the application as well as three scripted scenarios that have some dynamic elements that change each playthrough. An assessment system tracks each of the player's responsibilities as well as their focal points during key events. Finally, a backend system allows for remote monitors to review the performance live, pause the scenario and comment in real time for use in sim centers across the country.   

My contributions to this project included case design and authoring while collaborating with subject matter experts, prototyping VR mechanics and developing the assessment system.