Craig Stevenson

Game Designer

Fractions Cafe 2

Fractions Cafe 2  is the second installment in a series about teaching fractions to young players. Fractions are one of the first stumbling blocks young learners struggle with. My goal for this project was to make a fun way to experiment with fractions in a light hearted setting that kids will remember. 

As the player, you are the Fractions Cafe's newest pizza chef. Move the pizzas around in the oven so the largest fractions are closest to the oven's heat source. Once players have mastered common denominator fractions with visual aids, we close the pizza box and players compare fractions using standard notation.

This project was my first original game at Age of Learning and holds a special place in my heart. My contributions for this project included the game mechanics, characters, story and much of the dialogue. Additionally, I designed the play tests and iterated the design throughout production by learning a ton from paper prototypes. I was given the opportunity to screen voice actors and provide oversight on our studio team that created the learning videos that play between game chapters. This was a three month project that wouldn't have been possible without the amazing talent that I worked with.