Craig Stevenson

Game Designer

Ninja Angles 2: Shadow of the Shogun

Somehow, the Shadow Shogun has returned and this time, he took prisoners. In Ninja Angles 2: Shadow of the Shogun, the first game's hero has been captured. It's up the silent ninja's sister, the red ninja, to save her brother. Luckily, she hasn't come empty handed. With her twirling shiriken in hand and the knowledge of angles greater than 180 degrees she's a strong adversary. But, can she sneak past the Shogun's new upgraded robots and save her brother in time?!

Ninja Angles 2: Shadows of the Shogun is a 2D stealth platformer that captializes on the success of the first Ninja Angles but let's players experiment with angle estimation in a stealthy new way. The robot sentinals cast their vision, searching for intruders and the player must be smart about the angles used to take down the bots, find the rooms keys and rescue her brother.

For this three month project, I developed to the game mechanics, story development, enemy and level designs in Unity. A new lighting system was developed by our team that allowed me to play with what can and can't be seen as well as introduce excitement if the player mistakenly sets off one of the shoguns alarms.